Thursday, February 16, 2017

My year of Yes. What I learned in 2016.

2016 was my year of yes.  After choosing to leave the comfort of a corporate job, the urgency in saying “yes” became apparent.  In my mind, it felt as if anything was ever going to work, 2016 would be the year that those seeds would be planted.  With that mindset, I chose to say yes. I said yes all year.  Sometimes it bit me in the ass, sometimes it opened doors I didn’t even know I needed to walk through. Here’s what I’ve learned as a result.

  1. The more I allow myself to just do and not overthink, the more I’m learning to trust those instincts. Whether it’s being open with a new friend or pitching a ridiculous idea that feels interesting, there’s something really powerful in allowing the process to just happen.   
  2. I found that by helping other women share their voice, that I’ve been able to find my own.  Never in my entire life did starting my own brand or movement across my radar, but nonetheless, Radical Mother came to be in 2016 and I’m so excited to see what it may become.
  3. I learned to accept criticism and push-back with grace. It doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt, but I know that when I’m being pushed, it’s time to step up, push harder and allow for something great to come as a result of it.
  4. I learned to acknowledge that my relationship with God is complicated but very much renewed. I’ve never felt more sure in the existence of something greater than myself (whatever you prefer to call it) than when I’ve been with families during & after the births of their children.
  5. I learned to create & hold space. I was humbled by the opportunity to support 8 families in either birth or postpartum support.  These families are etched on my soul and have left me changed as a result of knowing them.
  6. Something always suffers when you take too much on.  It’s either your health, a relationship or a combination of the two but pressure must find a release and if we don’t allow ourselves space, life will make the choices for you.
  7. Parenting is complicated and often time a minefield of triggers but empathy will get you through it. I try to put myself in his shoes and come at situations from love & understanding. It’s not always easy and I don’t always succeed, but I try. In 2017, I vow to put him first much more.
  8. If I don’t value my worth & my time, no one else will.  
  9. I fully embrace my love of the word “fuck”. I’m not sorry for this.
  10. Maybe it wasn’t dumb luck that put me in these situations and maybe, just maybe, I’ve earned it.

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